Andrew Cooper (1967 – )

Andrew Cooper

(1967 –  )

Cooper was born in Cape Town in 1967. He is a self taught fine artist who has been painting professionally since 1987. His work is predominantly large scale landscape or seascape paintings; however he has a small contribution of still lifes and female nudes.  He paints mainly in acrylic, combining vibrant colours with the natural earthiness of the landscape painting scenes with grandeur and great depth.

Cooper draws his inspiration from the lush landscape of the Southern Cape: painting the mountainside, wine country and rich grasslands. His work is known for its sharp sense of detail, capturing the exact nuances of each of the scenes in perfect synergy.

Cooper recently acquired the commission to paint a series of golf course paintings from Gary Player and Black Knight.

Cooper has exhibited throughout South Africa, as well as at the International Art Expo in New York City in 2004 and recently in England in 2008 at the Smithfield Gallery in London.