Philip Badenhorst (1957 -)

Philip Badenhorst

(1957 -)

Philip Badenhorst was born in 1957 in the Western-Transvaal. Badenhorst studied at the University of Potchefstroom, the University for Christian Higher Education, Potchefstroom. In 1984 he received his degree a BA Fine Arts, majoring in painting and graphic design. He graduated with a distinction. Badenhorst has worked as a lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts in Potchefstroom. In 1985 – 1993 he was appointed as a lecturer in Painting at the University – the year after completion of studies at the university. He was also the acting Head of Department in the Department of Fine Arts at Potchefstroom; in 1992-1993 he was a senior lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts in Pretoria. In 1994 – 2007 he accepted a position as Senior Lecturer that was offered to him by the University of Pretoria. Yet in 2007 he resigned to become a full-time artist.

Badenhorst is well known for his rich impasto, colourful and expressionistic oil paintings. In most of his works he uses the male figure which is then often surrounded by flowers foliage. The viewer becomes seduced by the painted surface, and discovers layers of content beyond the more obvious qualities. Badenhorst’s career as a painter included thirty three solo exhibitions. He also participated in nearly one hundred group exhibitions in South Africa and abroad since 1981.



Solo Shows:

1983-2011 38 Solo exhibitions

1983 Iris Street, Potchefstroom; Nedbank, Potchefstroom

1984 Potchefstroom Museum

1985 Department of History of Art, PU for CHE Potchefstroom

1986 Water colours exhibition “Tribute to Battiss”, PU for CHE

1987 MA(FA) exhibition, PU for CHE, South African Arts Association (NTvl), Pretoria; Hout Bay Gallery, Cape Town; Department of History of Art, PU for CHE

1989 SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria; Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg; Potchefstroom Museum

1990 NSA Gallery, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal; Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg; SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria

1991 Studio exhibition, Ben Pienaar Street, Potchefstroom; Johannes Stegmann Gallery, Bloemfontein

1992 SAAA (Western Cape), Cape Town; Art Gallery, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch

1993 Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg; Studio exhibition, Ben Pienaar Street, Potchefstroom

1994 Quid Novi Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany, Guild Gallery, Pretoria

1995 Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg

1996 Karen McKerron Gallery, Bryanston, Johannesburg

1998 “Addicted to painting”, Open Window, Contemporary Art Gallery, Pretoria

1999 Association of Visual Arts, Metropolitan Gallery, Cape Town; Aardklopfees, Potchefstroom Museum

2000 “Repainting 99”, Open Window Art Academy Art, Gallery, Pre toria

2001 Kahn Gallery, Naples, Floria, V.S.A

2003 Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg

2005 “The Missing Year” Fried Contemporary Gallery, Pretoria 

2006 “an-other beginning”,South African Association of Ars, Pretoria

2007 “A cicle had closed;another had opened again”Absa Gallery, Johannesburg                                 

2010 “My Shadow and I” Absa-Gallery, Johannesburg


Group Shows:

1981-1984 Participated in student art exhibitions; Department of Fine Arts, PU for CHE,Potcefsroom

1982 National Fine Arts Student Exhibition,Gertrude Posel Gallery  University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

1984 SASOL New Signatures exhibition, SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria

1985 Impressions ’85 exhibition, Johannesburg Art Gallery

1986 Grahamstown Art Festival exhibition; Lecturers’ exhibition, SAAA Klerksdorp

1987 Beuster-Skolimowski Gallery, Pretoria; Corona del Mar Young Artists’ Award, Uvongo, KwaZulu-Natal; Potchefstroom artists, Potchefstroom; Works on paper, Etienne Rousseau Theatre, Sasolburg; Retrospective Students’ exhibition, Total Gallery, Johannesburg; Cadres d’Esprit, Cape Town

1988 Lecturers’ exhibition, Annandale Gallery, SAAA, Lichtenburg; Volkskas Atelier exhibition, SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria; Atelier exhibition, Baxter Gallery, Cape Town; Göhrde Galerie, Gienou, Germany; “Focus on Humans”, Human Science Research, Council, Pretoria

1989 Gallery 88, Sasolburg; Lecturers’ exhibition, SAAA Klerkdorp; Volkskas Atelier exhibition, SAAA, Pretoria; Lavrington Hall, Cape Town; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape

1990 Volkskas Atelier exhibition, SAAA, Pretoria; Atelier exhibition, Everard Read Gallery, Rosebank, Johannesburg; Gallery 88, Sasolburg; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; SAAA (NTvl), Thaba Monaté, Gauteng; SAA (NTvl), Harward Art Works, Pretoria

1991 Cape Town Triennial, Rembrandt Group; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Lecturers’ exhibition, Gallery 88, Sasolburg

1992 Alliance Francaise, Durban; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape;

1993 Momentum Art Competition, Pretoria Art Gallery; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Guild Gallery exhibition, Chile

1994  “Trees and Angels”, SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria; ABSA Bank Gallery, ABSA Towers, Johannesburg; Guild Gallery exhibition, Philadelphia, USA; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Lecturers’ exhibition, Campus Gallery, Dept of Visual Arts and History of Art, University of Pretoria; Lecturers’ exhibition, Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, Durban

1995 Artists from the Greater Pretoria Region, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg; “Contemporary Views”, Gallery 88, Sasolburg; Trust Bank Pavarotti evening, Johannesburg Civic Theatre, Braamfontein; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Pretoria Artists, Unisa Gallery, Pretoria; Fine Arts competition, Municipal Art Gallery, Kempton Park; Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Van Reineveld Plaza, Stellenbosch

1996 Gala opening, Open Window Art Academy, Pretoria; Lecturers’ exhibition, Campus Gallery, University of Pretoria; Collaborative exhibition with André Naudé, Campus Gallery, University of Pretoria; “World Environment Exhibition”, SAAA (NTvl) Pretoria Art Museum; Guild Gallery, Germany; NSA Gallery, Durban

1997 Open Window Contemporary Art Gallery, Pretoria; “A Little Big Thing”, Thompson Gallery, Johannesburg; “Pretoria Artists”, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria; Gallery 88, Sasolburg; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Gala Summer exhibition, Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Stellenbosch; “Landscape Art”, ABSA Group Gallery, Johannesburg; Millenium Gallery, Pretoria

1998 “ ABSOLUT Secret 3”, Metropolitan Gallery, Cape Town; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape; Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Stellenbosch; Gallery 88, Sasolburg; “The Spirit and Images of Africa”, Association of Arts, Pretoria; “Buttons”, Civic Gallery, Johannesburg; New works, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria; “Landscape: Unity and Diversity”, KKNK, Oudtshoorn, Cape

1999 State Theatre Gallery, Pretoria; FNB Vitá Awards/Winsor & Newton, Sandton Civic Gallery, Johannesburg; Equus Art Gallery, Hatfield, Pretoria; “Leonardo Posted”, Association of Arts, Pretoria; “Art Alive 99”, Ruddell Theatre, WHPS, Pretoria; Strydom Gallery, George, Cape;

2000 “Pretoria Select”,Old Arts Building,University of Pretoria; “ Contemporary South African Painters”, Galway-Parkviev Gallery, Johannesburg;  Spring exhibition, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria; “Pretoria Select”, Oliewenhuis Gallery, Bloemfontein; South African Art, Strydom Gallery, George

2001 “Equise”, Association of Arts, Pretoria; “Equise”, Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch; “Unframed”, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria; Lecturer exhibition, Old Arts Gallery, University of Pretoria; “Cats Exhibition”,Art ScapeTheater,Cape Town

2002 “Fine South African Art”, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg; “Inside Out”, Carol Lee, Upstairs @ Bamboo, Johannesburg

2005 “Art from two Metropolis”, opening exhibition:  Fried Contemporary Art Gallery,Pretoria; “Badenhorst / Vermeulen / Roos”, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria

2006 “Celebrating Rembrandt” Association of Arts, Pretoria; “Physical self'”, Gallery 88, Sasolburg; Strydom Gallery, George; “Art Alive 2006”, Waterkloof Prep School, Brooklyn, Pretoria; “Aardklop”, Snowflake Gallery, Potchefstroom

2007 “4×4”North West UniversityArt galley, Potchefstroom

2008 “Collection10” contemporary artists,SMAC art gallery, Stellenbosch; Exhibition with Rina Stutzer,Grande Provance ,Franchoek Cansa –Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria

2010 “.20.06.2010.” with Francois Jonker ,Lizl Roos,Gustav Vermeulen, F Visser.Association of      Arts. Pretoria; Group exhibition, OudeLibertas Gallery, Stellenbosch



1983 Winner, painting division, Kuesta National Arts Festival, Potchefstroom

1983/1984 Gregoire Boonzaaier Painting Bursary, PU for CHE

1984 Second Prize (Painting) SASOL New Signatures exhibition, SAAA (NTvl), Pretoria

1985 Merit Award, “Impressions ‘85”, Johannesburg Art Gallery

1986 Human Science Research Council Award for MA (FA) degree

1990 Foundation for the Creative Arts Award for research at the Cité Internationale des Artes, Paris, France (1991)



National Art Gallery, Cape Town

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Pretoria Art Museum

Durban Art Gallery

University of Stellenbosch

University of Pretoria

Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education


Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Human Science Research Council (HSRC)

SA Reserve Bank

Volkskas Bank

ABSA Bank   

Standard Bank

South African Broadcasting Corporation

SA Art Collection, Klerksdorp

Municipal Art Collection, Potchefstroom

Municipal Art Collection, Edenvale (Commission)

Department of National Education

BMW South Africa

Rand Aksep Bank

Technikon Pretoria

Telkom South Africa

Department of Visual Arts, University of Pretoria

Works represented in private collections in America, Germany, Greece, France and Italy



1987 10 Artillery Brigade, Potchefstroom

1990 North West Command, SANDF, Potchefstroom

1993 Municipal commission, Edenvale

1999 ABSA, North Towers, Johannesburg