Paddy Starling (1940 – )

Paddy Starling

(1940 – )

Paddy Starling was born in 1940 in KZN. He was also educated in KZN but is a self taught artist. In 1961 Starling moved to Zimbabwe where he farmed in the Lowveld. Yet in 1973 he returned with his family to SA and settled in Simon Town. 

During this time he was a farmer Starling found that landscape painting was what he really wanted to do. He especially enjoys painting landscapes that have running water in them. He has also had much success in capturing and representing fly fishermen. It can be seen that the anglers in his paintings look authentic. They are never boldly placed as to dominate a composition, but rather are a somewhat understated feature that adds certain vibrancy to his paintings of rivers.

The scenery that Starling paints may be ones you recognise; they included depictions of the Leydenberg area, Clarens in the Free State, the Rhodes district and the Drakensberg area around the pretty village of Underberg. Starling paints on commission, yet has also held 30 one man successful exhibitions throughout SA. He is also represented in more than 22 galleries throughout the country. He has received a great amount of success, both here in South Africa, and internationally.

Starling gave up farming in 1972 and devoted himself full time to painting. Starling has been able to combine his love for landscape and his ability to capture water.