Lynnette Hoyle (1959 -)

Lynnette Hoyle

(1959 -)

Lynette Hoyle was born in 1959 in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. She was born into a diverse art-creating and art-loving family. Yet from the time she was small she has had her own very firm ideas on art, its diversion and portrayal. Hoyle obtained her diploma in Graphic Design in East London in 1980. After this she joined the Durban’s advertising industry, notably Addy Lanning until 1986. However she then too became a full time artist, with Simon Addy. She chose the Free State town of Clarens as a place which she could make art. For her being there was a wonderful chance to observe and absorb the rugged mountain landscapes and rich, autumnal colours.

Hoyle works mainly in acrylic paint on canvas, yet she also uses torn and folded paper and fabrics, which give her works a true mixed media composition.  Hoyle has created the original etching-plates which she uses to create etchings onto paper, as existing as complete art forms in themselves rather than just the medium for producing.

Hoyle’s choice of subject matter can be seen to be unbounded by convention, where snippets of sonnets and odd phrases from Enya lyrics can also inspire as much as her eagles and formal flowers in bowls.

An artist who inspired Hoyle more than others is Paul Klee, with his seemingly whimsical, child-like and colourful compositions, which hide deeper and more mystified themes. Hoyle paints images and symbols of her own delight in the enchantment of poetry and dreams. Her floral paintings are richly decorative, and the vibrantly sensuous blooms are rendered in her distinctive style.