Lolly Hahn-Page

Lolly Hahn-Page

From 1972-1974 Hahn-Page studied graphic design at the Michaelis School of Art (University of Cape Town). From 1975-1978 she went on to complete a diploma in Theatre Design at the Central School of Art in London; she gained a lot of Theatre experience the year after she finished the diploma (1979). In 1986 till 1991 she studied Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

In 1993 Hahn-Page renovated a house in Knysna which operates as a Bed and Breakfast business. She has exhibited paintings of local and other contemporary South African Artists, had discussions, held workshops, film evenings and has also taught art. From 1993-2012 she has had exhibitions in SA and in Europe. Hahn-Page has also travelled quite a lot; such as to Europe, Malawi, Turkey, Mauritius and Southern Africa, Thailand, Bali, Australia.

Hahn-Page has been described as comparing to the Surrealists in s sense that she intrigued by the tension of opposites, where she searches for the ‘gap’, or briefly recognised moment of connection between these opposites. She aims at exploring the worlds of diverse human culture in contrast to that of nature; she realizes that there is a ‘gap’ between the two. Hahn-Page believes that each one of us individually has the responsibility to make a change.

The ‘gap’, to which Hahn-Page refers, are found in examples such as day and night, sleep and waking, life and death, and humanity’s diverse cultures in contrast to nature.

Through her work, Hahn-Page tries to create emotive moods which may not necessarily be comfortable, but which represent and challenge the human condition in relation to that of nature. And through this she hopes to provoke both simple and complex responses and questions from viewers.

Hahn-Page is particularly inspired by Kandinsky’s work of 1910-1914, where he attempts to reach this point of ‘abstract’ contemplation. The enthusiasm and survival of life and the pursuit of careful creativity are points which Hahn-Page explores.

1989 Martienssen Prize at the University of the Witwatersrand. 
1994 Her painting entitled “Now and Beyond” was accepted in top 10% by the Royal Academy (Piccadilly, London), from over 13,000 entries, for final choice of paintings hung for the Summer Exhibition.

Private Collections

France, Germany, England, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, South Africa and USA.


2013 SPI National Portrait Competition, Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, Cape Town, 27 August – 8 October 2013. Portrait of Old Man Joe was selected as one of 40 finalists of 1,783 entries.

2013 SPI National Portrait Competition National Touring Exhibition, University of Johannesburg Art Gallery, 24 October – 13 November 2013.2014 SPI National Portrait Competition National Touring Exhibition, Stephan Welz & Co at the Alphen Estate, Constantia, Cape Town, 26 November – 10 January 2014.

2014 SPI National Portrait Competition National Touring Exhibition, KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts (KZNSA) Gallery, Durban, April 2014.

2014 Landscapes, Seascapes and Portraits, The Studio in Kalkbay, Cape Town.