Jacobus Albertus (Koos) de Wet (1973 – )

Jacobus Albertus (Koos) de Wet

(1973 – )

Jacobus Albertus (Koos) De Wet was born in 1973 in Pretoria. de Wet has lived in a few different places such as; in Hartbeespoort , Ceres , Johannesburg and Cape Town.

de Wet has been exposed to many, including advertising art, graphic design, animation and decor design. Yet he also has a passion for painting and began when he was the age of 4.

He aims to capture the emotional and spiritual content within everyday life subject matter, both past and present. de Wet has a love for his environment and a fascination with people of all cultures can also be seen within his work. However he is mostly drawn to the concept of form, colour and texture. He therefore explores the language of shape and colour, as well as exploring mediums.

de Wet is without any formal education in the arts, except for the extra mural art lessons he took during school. He has then been forced to study different genres of painting as well as the works of the great masters in his own time.

He strives to be a material minimalist in his modern day and age of mass consumption. He states that there is a massive global misconception of what really is important in life.

He has been able to sell most of his works through his co-owned shop/gallery with his wife Anastasia, called Induna Gallery at the Palms Lifestyle and Decor centre in Cape Town. However he sold the shop at the end of 2004 and is now painting full-time.